House in Nezu
It is in the middle of the road going up and gently in the direction of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music the word question Street from the intersection of Nezu. It has become a dwelling with shop to management: favorite owner of the cooking-making (nezu chiffon name) chiffon cake cafe. I was planning to cherish the atmosphere nestled softly in a corner of the tenement houses of old-fashioned. We continue to promote a meeting with an image that invite customers to dining at home because of the narrow house. Entrance of the house was a living space a part of the loft and second floor as shared with the entrance of the cafe. It has become a space of healing and unwind in the middle of a walk Tanne thousand.
- Principal structure
- Lot area
- Total floor area
Second floor wooden
38 m2
58 m2
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